Payment options

I offer a half price 30 minute taster lesson. After that, a block of 6 weekly lessons is paid for to coincide with the school terms. Payments are made in advance of the term. Cash or bank transfer payments accepted. Please note that fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the lesson for any reason, I will always do my best to reschedule it for you but it has to be within the same 6 week block and is dependent upon others cancelling their slot as I am usually full to capacity.

The following prices are based on a one-to-one lesson. Discounts are available for paired lessons:

6 x 30 minute lessons = £120.00 (£20 per lesson)

6 x 60 minute lessons = £240.00 (£40 per lesson)

Save money by pairing up with somebody else (only applies to singing):

6 x 30 minute paired lessons = £150 (£12.50 per person per lesson)

6 x 60 minute paired lessons = £300 (£25 per person per lesson)

For more information or to book a taster lesson, please get in touch via the Contact form.